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Corticosteroid Injection

Corticosteroid Injection Points Composition : The injectable formulation is made up of most commonly methylprednisolone or triamcinolone. Corticosteroids are typically combined with local anesthetic such as lidocaine or bupivacaine for Pain control. Mechanism of action:   Corticosteroids reduce inflammation by altering B- [...]

What Are The Causes Of Ganglion Cysts?

One cause of ganglion cysts is Repetitive Motion What causes Repetitive Motion Disorders? Causes: Repetitive motion disorders (RMDs) are a family of muscular conditions that result from repeated motions. RMDs include carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis, epicondylitis, ganglion cyst, tenosynovitis, [...]

G-Relief HEALTH, On Aspirin

G-Relief® Health On Aspirin Mayo Clinic - Aspirin Dr. Virend Somers is a Cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic who is the lead author of the report in the July 29, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of [...]


MAYO CLINIC - DRINKING WATER A cardiologist determined that heart attacks can be triggered by dehydration. Good Thing To Know. From The Mayo Clinic. How many folks do you know who say they don't want [...]

Increasing Blood Flow with (Hot Water Bottle)

Beware of Ganglia Treatments That Don't Work Increasing Blood flow with the Hot Water Bottle A hot water bottle is a container filled with hot water sealed with a stopper, used to provide warmth while [...]

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